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I was going to write about Nashville in Harmony tonight
I was going to so so but then I came to realize fully something my friend Tyler called me out on a few days ago.
Sitting with my wife and our friend Susan listening to her wife Sonya and other friends in a choir belt out Christmas songs with joy and gusto I understood that I have friends who may enjoy my posts. They may actually want to hear my opinions on certain topics of controversy or misunderstanding. They may not… but they may. I may have black friends wanting to hear what this white guy says about the continued problem of race relations in this country. I may have military or police officer friends who need to know I respect their duties and honor their desire to serve for my freedom to agree or disagree with them.
I may have LGBT friends who wouldn’t mind the point of view of a man married to a beautiful woman. I may have female friends who want to read that I think women are consistently viewed with an archaic assumption that in a man’s world they just have to take what they are given.
I may have international friends who want to know there are Americans out there who want to grow from their perspectives. I may have atheist friends who feel like I understand their misgivings of religion and embrace many of the certainties they have about a world where God doesn’t exist while standing firm in my own faith in God in humility which Jesus shows me in his story.
I may have conservative friends and liberal friends who know I love them no matter their views on any one of so many disagreements.
Forgive me while i do a little time travel back a few days.
I made a claim on Facebook a few days ago. I big audacious claim where I would leave the pit of despair to live a little freer from all the hateful rhetoric on said social media outlet. I even wrote a post about being a coward to somewhat clarify my decision. I got texts and comments about how I wasn’t a coward and condolences from some understanding my reasons.
Then I got to thinking about it all again. I kept going back to what Tyler said to me.
As I contemplated the for and agin of such a big fat claim I’d have to make another choice. Do I stick to my decision, not being made a lier from my own words but remain silent on subjects important to me or eat crow and come back.
I have family on Facebook. I see their pics of the kiddos or posts from my mom on my wall. I have friends on Facebook who I’d otherwise not share any sort of life with.
I could be some sort of modern day neo-luddite with special bonds to the mechanism of Twitter or Instagram while avoiding the main arena where so many converse. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. (Sarcasm should be noted)
Or, I could buy the whole humble pie and gorge on it publicly with a sign around my neck that reads, “Question everything this guy ever says!”
Should I stick to my guns and remain silent I may miss out on the opportunity to encourage someone in a time of distress or a sweet moment captured in a photograph with mother and son building their first snowman together.
Should I return I may subject myself to more the same hateful words from people I’ve loved and respected as they vomit all over the www dot I am protected behind my computer screen so I can say it dot com.
The internet. What a strange place. A place where in two clicks I can see Taylor Swift surprise a fan at her bridal shower and then see a preacher call for the electric fencing of all “the homosexuals,” in his words so they will die out.
Maybe I should view all of this through the lens of the very religion I hold so dear in my life. Maybe what I need to do is come to the internet and to the opinions of others in humility and grace to see if there is a place for reconciliation and justice rather than flee to my safe place and hope with fingers crossed it will just blow over and we’ll all be back to singing happy songs ‘round the campfire agreeing with everything I think is right.
As I read the last paragraph again I realize the only thing I can do is walk with an embarrassed Bull Shannon head hung low and come back to the conversation.
This isn’t some sort of passive aggressive stunt, rather a moment of growing into the man I’d like to be. The passive aggressive part of the equation was bowing out when I should have stayed in the first place.
That said, I probably do deserve a ribbing for the theatrics. So, in the spirit of fun, LET ME HAVE IT! Serve up the crow on a cold platter and let me eat it feathers and all.
Don’t hold back. As my buddy Dan Wothke said of my leaving in the first place, “You’re leaving Facebook was like a B grade actor in a death scene taking ten minutes to finally keel over.”
One caveat, please keep in mind the young readers who may stumble upon your comment. I can handle anything you throw at me, like a little bit of off color prose and welcome any level of “roasting” in my message box but with Facebook full of children whose parents don’t make them wait for the actual age restrictions, I’d hate for their young eyes to read anything too off color. If it’s not “that bad” plaster it on my wall. Maybe you’ll find agreement with people you don’t usually agree with while you make fun of me.
Have fun with it. After all, isn’t that what makes social media great?
As for my post on Nashville In Harmony, I’ll have to write about that tomorrow.
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