Rudolph, Baby Jesus and Salsa Dancing

Never thought that last one would be included did ya?
Neither did I. And yet, tonight it fit wonderfully into an evening of Christmas celebration at Woodmont Christian Church. The Mrs. and I went to their Christmas Program in fact, because of the Salsa. Our friends Jano and Julia told us they’d be dancing to Feliz Navidad.
I admit, when Julia told me about it I had a moment of the proverbial head scratch wondering how a Salsa Dance would fit into a night of Christmas carols and pop classics.
The minute the music began it connected. The feeling in the gymnasium turned intimate worship room had an air of creative fraternity. This being one of many great aspects of Nashville. The artistic community in this city is a beautiful one. A place where the gal sitting at Fido scribbling on a pad of paper may be writing a song about dancing atop the mountain she just summited or the fellow across the street who just finished a painting of a Native American in worship. The seamstress who just created a new line for his shop or the brewmaster who incorporated an unusual ingredient in her new beer could be the person siting at the next table enjoying dinner with friends. Friends who may also be diving into their crafts finding what statement or contribution they can make to society.
I have a friend in Nashville who makes art out of concrete landscapes and another who sings with an angelic voice in musicals. I have friends who stand on their feet twelve hours a day constructing the meals the above mentioned enjoy as they commune over dinner, friends who produce the music and friends who either act on camera or work behind the camera to light or mic or design the sets where an imaginary world becomes entertainment.
This isn’t a post for bragging. Rather one of acknowledge blessings. To know these people is to feel more alive.
So, sitting in that room tonight while musicians crank out the sounds and voices deliver familiar songs in our shared space just wouldn’t have been complete without a jazz flautist and a couple of dancers.
Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention the flute earlier.
These dancers, a married couple, looked at each other with joy in their smiles and I loved them as I shouted out with glee.
36 - Rudolph, Baby Jesus and Salsa Dancing

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