Happy… Until the ending.

While in Bangkok I had what I grew up calling a crick in the neck. Boy-o-boy it was uncomfortable.
We were staying in a very nice condo which connected to a mall in the heart of Bangkok. It is a nice mall. For you Nashville folks, think Green Hills Mall. As I was walking through one night I noticed a spa on the third floor.
“YES!!! I’ve never done this sort of thing and it appears I can afford it!”
The next morning, as soon as they were open I went in and got a Thai Massage. Think of a regular massage but add to it the chiropractic artistry and yoga posing and contortion which somehow brings things into more alignment. It was GOOD.
About three in afternoon I was noticing a lot of good from the massage but the crick was still there.
“Hey,” I thought. “It wasn’t all that expensive, maybe I should go in and get another massage this evening!”
I went in, got a different masseuse and away we went.
This time, no yoga. Just a good ol’ fashion rub down. Lord, it felt good.
She rolled me over and began working on my ankles and calves. I was amazed at how sore they were from all the on my feet work we’d been doing.
As I took a long deep breath, feeling freed from tired old body she suddenly reached for it.
You know, IT. She tapped it and said, “You like other massage?”
My head darted up, locked eyes with her and said, “NO!”
With a confused look she tilted her head sideways and in surprised question form said, “No?”
And with that all the tension in my body was back.
30 - Happy… Until the ending.

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