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Yesterday, while at the dog park I discovered a scared little shepherd mix of a dog. She was very timid and showed her teeth quite easily. I asked everyone in the park if they owned her. It was a “no” on all in attendance. So, because I’m a sucker for rejected dogs, I took her home.
After being at my place for about an hour o thought I’d take her back to the park and see if anyone had come by to claim her.
Rationale for this move:
I spend many hours at dog parks. It’s therapeutic for me. I like watching the way the dogs interact. Yes, I’m strange. One of those many times I found a “day care” dog. She was scared, sitting by the gate not socializing with the other dogs. When people would come in the gate with new dogs she responded with gnashing of teeth, tail tucked, body curved and ears back. Fear. Plain old fear.
I took my time getting close to her and finally got the phone number off of her collar. I made the call and the woman was surprised to learn that when her son said he’d “take the dog to the dog park” he actually meant “drop the dog off and leave for a while.”
People! Do NOT do this. Dog Park does not equal Doggy Day Care.
Back to yesterday. While I was putting her in the car I was distracted by an old neighbor who’d come back to town for a couple of days. I said hello and the little shepherd girl bolted out of the car.
I couldn’t get her back. This morning I heard barking in the back yard about 7:15. She was back. And now I’m trying to find her a home. We already have two dogs. As sweet as her face is, she’s gonna be a lot of work for someone. She’s got a lot of fear.

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